BioEM Lab

Electron Microscopy in the Life Sciences

A Service Facility of the University of Basel

Contact: Mohamed Chami, Head BioEM Lab

Services offered

Welcome to the pages of the BioEM Lab of the University of Basel. The BioEM Lab offers electron microscopy (EM) structural investigations in the life sciences field to its customers.  

For tasks with a materials sciences focus, we recommend the "Nano Imaging Lab" instead, which is an electron microscopy center embedded in the Swiss Nanosciences Institute.

The BioEM Lab offers various life sciences high-resolution electron microscopy imaging methods, including cellular EM such as TEM imaging or volume reconstructions of tissue or tissue sections, or molecular EM such as high-resolution cryo-EM 3D reconstructions of biological macromolecules. Details about the methods offered can be found below.

Pricing, Acknowledgement and Co-Authorship

The work of the BioEM Lab is generally offered for a fee. Prices vary for members of the University of Basel and its affiliated institutes, for members of other academia, or for customers from the private sector. In addition to the fees, we kindly request that you either acknowledge the involved BioEM Lab members in resulting publications, or consider BioEM Lab members as co-authors in works that require substantial intellectual input, such as when dealing with very challenging samples or obtaining a high-resolution 3D reconstruction.

Project submission

To propose a new project, please use the:

BioEM Lab Project Submission Tool